Overview: Car Flag Poles

Magnetic Car Flag Poles

  • Super Magnet adheres up to 130 km/h, 80 mph
  • Rubber protects your car's paint
  • Can be mounted and dismounted very quickly, no drilling

Fender-Mounted Car Flags

  • Bayonet-mounted upper-class pennant holder
  • Drilled and screwed to the fender
  • Like Audi, BMW and Mercedes models

Car Flags Mounted between Fender and Hood

  • Bolted between hood and fender
  • Screwed in below the hood with small screws
  • Nearly perfectly removable when you sell your car

Car Flags with Suction Mount

  • Pennant Holder with suction cup for your car flag
  • Can be mounted on any flat surface
  • Usable for slow speeds & short drives

Special Car Flags

  • Model available replacing the Mercedes-Star
  • Model mounted below the Rolls Royce Emily
  • ...

Major Car Flag Poles in Detail

Magnetic Car Flag Poles

Magnetic car flags are a great solution if you want to have flagpoles that can be removed quickly and doesn’t need to be drilled into your automobile.
You can use magnetic car flags if the hood of your vehicle is made of steel.
The maximum speed depends on the height of the flag pole, the strength of the magnet, and the weight of the mounted flag.
Magnetic Car Flag Poles Diplomat-1.30 series Diplomat-1 series other models
Max Speed in km/h 130 km/h 100 km/h 80 km/h or less
Max Speed in mph 80 mph 60 mph 50 mph or less
Height around 40cm around 40cm (very) small
Magnet rubber coated magnet protects your car paint rubber coated magnet protects your car paint magnet damaging your car paint
Category Luxury Economy You won't use it

The best available magnetic car flagpole: Diplomat-1.30-Chrome

The Diplomat-1.30-Series car flags are about 40cm tall, and you could drive 130 km/h, 80 mph with a 20g polyester flag.
The Diplomat-1.30-Chrome is high polished and finished in Chrome. This model is used by ambassadors and embassies all over the world. It is also available in gold as the Diplomat-1.30-Gold and finished with black chrome as the Diplomat-1.30-Black.


Download Diplomat-1 Safety Instructions here
Technical Details
Total height 37 cm 14.57 inch 1.21 feet
Height magnet 0,85 cm 0.33 inch 0.2 feet
Height link 6,1 cm 2.4 inch 0.2 feet
Height pole 28 cm 11.02 inch 0.92 feet
Diameter magnet 8,8 cm 3.46 inch 0.29 feet
Diameter link 1,8 cm 0.71 inch 0.06 feet
Diameter pole 0,6 cm 0.24 inch 0.02 feet
Diameter ball 2,5 cm or 3cm 1 inch OR 1.2 inch 0.08 feet OR 0.1 feet
Material of the link and the leverage stainless steel, polished
Material magnet NdFeB, bounded with Santoprene, which texture is like rubber. For this reason, our car flags are of high resistance to atmospheric corrosion and excellent suitable for outdoor actions.

Usage examples

Fender-Mounted Car Flags

Car Flags mounted on the fender are the premium luxury solution you get, when you buy a Mercedes, Audi or BMW presidential car. Most of these car flagpoles you cannot exchange between different cars.

So, here is the best flexible solution:

Best Luxury Car Flag Pole Series: The Diplomat-Bayonet Series

  • Premium luxury pennant holder with bayonet mount
  • The professional appearance is perfect for official purposes
  • Can be mounted and dismounted very quickly
  • See video:

Diplomat-Bayonet series: First-time installation

Download Diplomat Bayonet Mounting Instructions here

Car Flags mounted between the fender and the hood

For your utmost flexibility, these car flags are provided with a Z-angle and five screw holes, to let you easily screw the flagstaffs under your hood.

Car Flag Pole Diplomat-Z Series

The Diplomat-Z-series comes with a Z-shaped bracket, you could mount between the fender and the hood. There is a standard Z-bracket, you could adjust for nearly every car. If you have a Mercedes-Benz S-Class or E-Class, Audi A8 or BMW 7, ask for special formed Z-brackets, fitting to this auto.

Technical Details
Total height of flag pole 37 cm 14.57 inch 1.21 feet
Height link 6,1 cm 2.4 inch 0.2 feet
Height mast 28 cm 11.02 inch 0.92 feet
Hight Z-angle 5 cm 2 inch 0.16 feet
Material of the flag pole stainless steel, polished

Suction-mount car flags: Diplomat-Air

This pennant holder has a suction cup for easy vehicle mounting. Thanks to the lever on the suction cup, it’s very easy to create a vacuum and get good suction. For safety reasons, car flagpoles with suction cups are NOT considered appropriate traffic on public roadways.

Special auto flag poles for Mercedes-Benz

To enable the simplest possible change between the Mercedes-Star and the Diplomat-Star car flag pole, the Diplomat-Star comes with the same base as the Mercedes-Star.

There are also special Z-brackets available to mount the Diplomat-Z-series without drilling to Mercedes limos like the S-Class or the E-Class.

How to choose the best flag pole for your car?

The following information will help to make the best choice for your specific needs:
  • If you need the best solution like we attach them to luxury Mercedes, Audi or BMW, then choose the Diplomat-Bayonet series.
  • If you do not want to drill into your car and your hood is made of steel, then choose the Diplomat-1.30 series.
  • If you do not want to drill into your fender, but your hood is made of non-steel material, such as aluminum, titanium or plastic, then the Diplomat-Z series might work for you.
  • If you do not want to drill anything into your car, but your hood is made of non-steel material, such as aluminum, titanium or plastic, then the Diplomat-Air might work for you.
  • If you do not want to drill anything and you have a modern Mercedes, then you could use the Diplomat-Star.
  • If you like the Diplomat-1.30-series but want to save some money, check out for the more speed-limited version with a smaller magnet: the Diplomat-1 series.

Should I get the Steel, Chrome, Black Chrome, or Golden Car Flagpoles?

  • If the car is for an embassy, take the Chrome version. Almost all embassies use this version.
  • If you are expecting guests from an Arabic nation, choose the gold-plated car flagpoles.
  • If you want to attach the flagpoles to a military vehicle, the Black-Chrome finished version might be the best choice.
  • If you need the most economical model, the steel version without any finishing might work for you.

Available Diplomat-Flags models

Steel Chrome Black Gilded
Diplomat-1.30 Diplomat-1.30-Chrome Diplomat-1.30-Black Diplomat-1.30-Gold
Diplomat-1 Diplomat-1-Chrome Diplomat-1-Black Diplomat-1-Gold
Diplomat-Z Diplomat-Z-Chrome Diplomat-Z-Black Diplomat-Z-Gold
Diplomat-Bayonet Diplomat-Bayonet-Chrome Diplomat-Bayonet-Black Diplomat-Bayonet-Gold
Premium Luxury

All the models on this list - even the economy models - are exclusive auto accessories for showing your flags and banners and are much more long-lasting and professional-looking than every plastic car window flags, tailgate flags or antenna flags.

How many flagpoles do I need for my car?

Whether you need one or two car flags depends on your specific situation. But generally speaking, it’s good to be able to fly two flags. The following rules will fit most countries’ flag protocols:

Which flags should I fly?

If you drive on the right side of the road, the following general rules will apply.
If you drive on the left side of the road, then simply reverse left and right.
  • The host official (who owns the car) usually sits on the right-hand side of the back seat, so his country’s flag should be mounted on the front-right.
  • A guest official will usually sit on the left-hand side of the back seat, so his country’s flag should be mounted on the front-left.
  • If you aren’t planning on having any guests in your car, you could mount your country’s flag on both the front-right and front-left. Or if you have a personal office flag, you might want to use this on the front-left. For example, Presidential Flags could be mounted front-left.

Who uses this car flags?

Notable Persons

Elizabeth II.
Albert II.

International Organizations

Foreign State Departments

Other Common Uses

  • Embassies and Ministries
  • Advertising & taxi promotional
  • Fans
  • Movie producers
  • Classic Car Owners
  • Funeral Cars

Where can I buy premium car flags?

Car Flag Shops and Retailers

The following car flag stores offer all Diplomat-Flags car flagpoles and all country flags to fit these flagpoles. Many local flags and the flags of most international organisations are available, too. Custom car flags are printed on request and can be ordered online at these shops. Ask for the custom flag bunting that fits your needs. English US English English US English $ Français French Español Espanol Deutsch Deutsch Italiano Italiano English US English $ English English £ Deutsch Deutsch Deutsch Deutsch Deutsch Schweizer Deutsch Fr

Where could I get more information?

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